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Post-Modern Sexuality


Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
I created this journal to host discussions about post-modern sexuality.

Please do not use this community to post your erotic literature.

Please do use this community to post recommendations for intelligent literature integrating the theme of post-modern sexuality.

Picture posting:
Please post non-work safe pictures behind a cut tag.

If posting several pictures, regardless of their level of work-safety, please post the first picture from the series as a 'teaser' and put the rest behind a cut.

If you don't know how to post pictures, insert links to other web sites or use the lj specific 'cut' tag, then please read the lj FAQs before you accidentally ass up the community.

Don't be embarassed about going back and relearning how to do something the right way, I do it all the time.


One final note:
The only forbidden topics are the performance of nonconsensual sex [a.k.a. rape] and the exploitation of children or animals for sexual purposes. Although I am well aware that the discussion of or fantasizing about these topics is not the same as performing these acts, you will still be skating a very thin line, and be at risk of being banned from this community.

Thank you for your time and effort.

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'auto'-eroticism, blade runner, blood, car crashes, computer-mediated interaction, day dreaming, death, eargasms, fashion, fetishes, fishnets, industrial, intellectual stimulation, keeping safe sex sexy, lighting, lightning, machines, masamune shirow, media, mind sex, philosophy, piercing, pomosexuality, psychology, robots, scent, semi-intentional frotteurism, sensuality, sex, sex technology, sexuality, sight, skin, tactile, taste, tattooing, technology, texture, the "gaze", what is sex?