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For What It's Worth

Simone de Beauvoir from 'The Second Sex'

"This attitude is displayed much more clearly in the self-mutilation common at this age. The young girl may gash her thigh with a razorblade, burn herself with a cigarette, peel off skin; to avoid having to attend a tiresome garden-party, a friend of my youth cut her foot with a hatchet severely enough to have to stay in bed six weeks. These sado-masochistic performances are at once an anticipation of the sexual experience and a protest against it; in passing these tests, one becomes hardened for all possible ordeals and reduces their hardness, including the ordeal of the wedding night.

When she puts a snail on her breast, swallows a bottle of aspirin tablets, wounds herself, the young girl is hurling defiance at her future lover -- 'you will never inflict on me anything more hateful than I inflict on myself.' These are proud and sullen gestures of initiation to the sexual adventure.

Fated as she is to be the passive prey of man, the girl asserts her right to liberty even to the extent of undergoing pain and disgust. When she cuts or burns herself, she is protesting against the impalement of her defloration: she protests by anulling. Masochistic, in that her conduct gives her pain, she is above all sadistic: as independent subject, she lashes, flouts, tortures this dependent flesh, this flesh condemned to the submission she detests -- without wishing, however, to dissociate herself from it. For she does not choose, in spite of everything, really to repudiate her destiny. Her sado-masochistic aberrations involve a basic insincerity: if the girl lets herself practice them, it means that she accepts, through her repudiation, the womanly future in store for her; she would not mutilate her flesh with hatred if she had not first recognized herself as flesh."
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I was just surfing through LJ's and I came across your last entry!
I have never met or spoke with anyone that had ever heard of Simone De
Beauvoir so have you read the whole book? What did you think about "The second Sex" I really enjoyed reading this book and her philosophies? I really enjoyed this book and could see pieces of me in several stages of womanhood.
You come accross as quite an intellectual, well-read person. This, does-not however; mean that you know about the underling issueus that can result in self-harm. One HUGE issue is that for some reason you take that it only affets girls. But I still have a problem with most of your (although well written) critique of the reasond that people resort to SH. Mainly SH is induced by people being made to feel that they are inferiour or unworthy of existance. This may be by bullying (in school, prison, army, work, relationship, etc) Or due a mental illness such as depression, bordeline etc. It can also be the result of physical or sexual abuse as an infant.

I know I haven't gone into it into full detail, but, I STRONGLY believe that Self-Harm (as a generality) is a result of a situation NOT a precurser to it!
Uh...I don't think that was Simone De Bouvoir posting, sweetie. And I think you missed the point.

P.S. You certainly use punctuation gratuitously!
Brilliant quotes. Have you read any Havelock Ellis by chance?