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I remember, in high school, sitting in class.

The little plastic turnbuckles used to adjust the straps on the backs of bras were a source of fascination, often incorporated into sketches that I would do of the back of the person sitting in front of me.


Which objects, not specifically sexual in nature, have you found sexually arousing?
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Not really an object, but I tend to be very visually stimulated by the trail of hair right under a man's belly button.

Not so much an object.

But thanks for playing anyway.

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-well-designed plastic novelty items
-spacious apartments
-sexy hair cuts
-toy stores
-backstreet architechture in large cities
-1992 Buick Regal. [Black w/ sun roof]
-handcuffs and/or neckties
-using CDs for interior design
-flourescent black lighting

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Japanese horror movies and Anime.
The films 'Dans Ma Peau' and 'Crash'
Car crashes
Near death experiences
[Good] Poetry.
The novels of Charles Bukowski, Bret Easton Ellis, Douglas Coupland, and Raymond Chandler.
Anything noir or Chandler-esque.
Cadmium red and Cobalt blue.
Christmas light art.

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